About us

We wish to ??Introduce ourselves, Step way associates?? is a Engineering Projects & vendor consultants?? is one of the developing?? Design Consulting ??, We are designating?? all type infrastructure?? ,Industrials?? & Turkey base Projects & We are?? arriving BOQ with comparative vendors?? economical?? Management solution

We ??consulting with ??for a wide spectrum of users in the Process & Chemical Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, hospitals ,Thermal Power Stations, Nuclear & Atomic Power Stations, Textiles, Dyes & Intermediates, Paints & Varnishes, Sugar, Breweries & Distilleries, Soaps & Detergents, Steel Plants, Food & Oil Industry, Solvent Extraction Plants, Sewage, Effluent & Water Treatment, Cooling Water, Ship Yards and Marine Management, Water Works, Pulp & Paper industry , LPG Bottling Plants, Onshore & Offshore platforms, Slurry & Ash handling industry .


Motto : We holds our team rich experience for every type of industrial projects , our team of professionals work hard right from designing the layout and final execution.

Vision?? : ??Designing Economical output with ??Quality Solution.

Mission: Support with User Managements development & Projects Execution.


Our Targets : As a professional project management consultants and service provider, we take responsibility at every stage right from the point of initial concept, design and development and continue to add value to the project and all our other services.